What exactly are the differences between Directions Express and Mapquest, Google Maps or Bing Maps

Directions Express can hardly be compared to Google Maps™ as it's using the Here Maps™ API to get driving directions, traffic conditions and everything else.

Let us compare what Directions Express has to offer vs. Mapquest™ and Bing Maps™:

  • Directions Express focuses only on Driving Directions.
  • Directions Express utilizes the GPS browser location and automatically fills in the starting location for you.
  • Everything at Directions Express is aimed at you receiving your driving directions and traffic conditions fast and without having to enter much information.
  • Bing Maps™ has much more to offer than simple Driving Directions.
  • With Bing Maps™ you can share directions with others.
  • Bing Maps™ lets you compile your own lists of favorite places, or places along the way of your directions.
  • Bing Maps™ has a full screen functionality, as well as three different map types that allow you to view maps in different ways
  • Mapquest™ is most likely the Maps Service with the most features.
  • With Mapquest™ you can plan routes, get directions, search & book hotels.
  • Mapquest™ has many Map Layers, that allow you to display all kinds of places on their map. From Restaurants, over Parking spaces to Hotels.
  • Mapquest™ has a Route Planner with import / export functionality as well as a Travel Booking functionality that even allows you to book flights.

To summarize: If all you want is an easy to use website, without many options to quickly get driving directions, our service could be a great fit for you!

If you need more features, why not try Google Maps™, Mapquest™ or Bing Maps™